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Product Description

What is Proxmark 3?
The Proxmark 3 is a dedicated, highly-capable multi-tool for RFID analysis, providing reading, writing, analysis, snooping, replaying, emulation, modulation, demodulation, decoding, encoding, decryption, encryption for any RFID system operating in the 125KHz, 134KHz and 13.56MHz frequencies.


For the PCBA

1. The chipset upgrade of RF transmitter power supply. Add the start-up delay.

It solves the problem of large current and occasional self-excitation of power supply at the instant of the start-up.

2. Power supply noise is further reduced. A slight increase in reading distance.

3. FPC connector upgraded to gold-plated, wear-resistant and durable.

4. Upgrade to ROHS lead-free process. SMT uses more sophisticated equipment, which greatly improves the quality rate of consistency and reliability.

5. Reduce the brightness of the power LED.

For the antenna

1. In the improved LF part of the dual antenna and the upgraded version V6.2, two switches are added to switch the Q value and tune frequency.

2. The Q value can be switched between 7 or 14, and the low Q value can be used to read and write tags requiring accurate timing, such as T5577 and EM4305. A high Q value can increase the distance to read the ID tag or simulate.

3. Frequency can be switched between 125K and 134K, So we can get the best distance at 134K.


1x Proxmark 3 RDV4.01(With Internal HF & LF New Black Antenna)

1x Micro USB Cable

1x Screw Driver (for external antenna mounting)

1x SIM / SAM Reader Module

1x 'Magic' 1k UID Changeable

1x T5577 Tag – PVC Card format


Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10 (All Versions)

OS/X: 10.0 – 10.7 (All Versions)

Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc (All Versions)

Android: Specific Builds

Community / Usage / Tutorial Resources

Proxmark CommunityForums:

Proxmark Github repository:

Chris Hermann (iceman) – Moderator of the proxmark forums

Kevin (0xFFFF) – Moderator of the proxmark forums

Q switch:

Switch to “Q=14″(Range+),

Normally when you just read something For example “lf search” ,” lf hid read”.ect

The reader range will farther, increase by about 30%.

Switch to “Q=7″(Accurate+),

Normally when you operate some Tags such as T5577 or EM4305, For example “lf em 410xwrite 1234567890 1 64″”lf t55xx detect””lf t55xx dump””lf em 4x05info” .ect

Change Tag Data,Detect tag,dump tag..etc

especially operate with bioglass in your body, you should turn to “Q=7”

It can write or read reliably and accurately without data errors. For Bioglass, data errors can be disastrous.

F switch:

switch to “F=125”

tune at 125kHz, the 125k tag will get better range.

switch to “F=134”

tune at 134kHz, the 134k tag will get better range

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee each device must be tested seriously before shipped out.


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