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– Portable
– Easy to use
– High speed
– Stable performance
– Compact size
– Professional RFID cloning device

– High speed and comprehensive: We choose PM3V4 + card computer + screen structure, the speed is very fast. Thanks to the rich card library built in PM3, it becomes an ideal card type discriminator, which can identify the types of massive cards
– Stable and reliable: PM3 follows the design of RDV4.01, which reduces the high-frequency transmission power on the basis of it, and no longer heats up after working for a long time. Optimize the FPGA front-end code, eliminate the blind area, and stably read the card at any position within the range. The low frequency optimizes the timing accuracy of the transmitter circuit under high Q values, and realizes long-distance and stable reading and writing of T5577 and EM4305. Optimize the FPGA bottom filter algorithm, automatically filter high-amplitude noise level, and completely solve blind spots. Low frequency card reads and writes high Q value timing accuracy optimization. Before optimization, the transmitted waveform is stuck and the resonance residual time is long, which leads to the short reading and writing distance of the T5577, which is easy to make mistakes and pick up the card. EM4305 cannot read and write normally. After optimization, the transmitted waveform has no resonance residue, and the timing accuracy is improved. Stable reading and writing of two kinds of cards
– Small and light. A large-capacity lithium battery and a co-processor are added to manage the charging and discharging of the BMS battery. In addition, a card reader drawer box is carefully designed, and the keychain is put into it, and the stability is not interrupted when the device is carried. The compact shape and the button are not accidentally touched. It is an ideal EDC (EveryDay Carry)
– Simple and easy to use: find the shortest card solution path automatically, no need to watch video to learn usage, network registration, input instructions, and other complicated operations. Take out this device and immediately make cards. Voice reminder throughout the process. All operations can be done with just one button
– Playability: In order to preserve the playability, additional small functions such as high and low frequency analog card high and low frequency sniffing are added, while the original functions for Proxmark3 are retained to the greatest extent. You can open the command line in the device U disk and use it directly
– Professional built-in U disk: We built a 16G U disk in the device. The decoded data file is automatically saved in it, and can be retrieved for reference at any time. It also includes a free PM3 command line and a free GUI software. There is also a paid professional GUI software whose functions can satisfy professional users
– More comprehensive and high-powered: support a variety of card types

Function Analysis:

– Automatic smart card writing: Actively identify 7 types of empty cards, including UID, CUID, FUID, UFUID, FUID, original card, NFC bracelet. Automatic completion: identification>write card->verification->lock card.
– The raw output of PM3 can be viewed in real time: Some users are used to watching the raw data output of PM3 to observe the progress. In the process of card reading and decoding, press the right button to get the original output in the background, and the auxiliary button can zoom in and out.
– T5577 card decryption: Added T5577 encryption card copy function, built-in common password library, 5577 complex communication configuration automatic matching. In traditional ID duplicators, the written T5577 card will be encrypted, and other devices can no longer write. The handheld copier is directly compatible, and it can be rewritten after automatic decryption.
– T5577 card online sniffing: Add T5577 online sniffing. After opening it, you can put it close to the reader, and immediately calculate the password, automatically add it to the password library, and use it automatically the next time you read the card.
– Intelligent key management system: The intelligent password management system will automatically classify and sniff the saved passwords or cracked secret keys according to the card number, and will automatically de-duplicate and save. The second copy of the same card will be completed quickly. You can also manually add your own frequently used passwords to the file.
– Handling of abnormal situations: Handling of abnormal situations, such as physical damage of sectors, bad writing of control words in block 0, bad writing of control words in non-zero blocks, and no access to AB password, etc., conventional PM3 cannot be read smoothly. Stable reading is enabled after optimization.
– High and low frequency antenna composite: In order to facilitate the user’s use, it is necessary to be able to recognize high and low frequency cards in the same recognition area at the same time. The traditional way of copying machine is to put a low-frequency circular antenna in the middle of the high-frequency antenna. But because the low-frequency coil absorbs a lot of signals, the sniffing fails. After a lot of simulations and experiments, we have designed a new composite structure that does not affect the sniffing, but also stabilizes the card reading, and the resonance voltage of each coil does not attenuate at all.
– Firmware upgrade system: Support firmware upgrade, download the upgrade package from the website and put it into the built-in U disk of the machine, enter the menu to automatically identify the upgrade package for upgrade.

Functions Planned to be Upgraded in the Future:

– The device supports USB OTG master and slave, which can be used as a host to directly connect to the chameleon to obtain the secret key and directly upload the card.
– The device supports PM3 USB direct connection mode, which can be connected to a mobile phone through an OTG adapter, adapting to RFID TOOLS to make it compatible, adding support for GUID and other rolling code cards, 8268/8310 and other low-frequency cards
– Compatibility increased by 40%

– Processor: for Cortex-A7 0.6GHz
– Storage: 256MB+16GB
– Screen: 1.3″ 240×240 color IPS 50Hz refresh
– RF front end: for Proxmark3 RDV4.01 (for ARM7+FPGA)
– Operating system: for Linux-NIUI1
– Battery: 2000mAh 7.4Wh
– BMS coprocessor: STM32F103C8T6

Package Included:
– 1 x Set of RFID Card Copier

(1) Can the back of the antenna also read cards?
Cards can be read on the back of the antenna, and the center point of the low-frequency antenna is at the center of the label on the back. The center point of the high-frequency antenna is the location of the SN tag.

(2) Will there be a card that cannot be copied?
Among the supported cards, 98% of the cards can be decrypted and copied. But it is not ruled out that a few special variant cards cannot be cracked conventionally. Decryption can be assisted by sniffing, chameleon detection and other means.

(3) How to operate IC card online sniffing?
Under normal circumstances, you can easily sniff the password by following the prompts. Some readers need to constantly adjust the distance between the card, antenna, and credit card machine, and keep trying, and occasionally need to repeat dozens of times based on experience to master the correct distance and sniff the password. For some readers with very close swipe distance, it will increase the difficulty of sniffing.

(4) How long is the standby time? Can it be used while charging?
It can stand by for 6 hours after being fully charged, and it can be used while charging.

(5) Is it normal to heat up?
Due to the built-in card computer, it will continue to heat up after booting, and it is normal that the glass screen will be warm.

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